27 Jan 2017
"Next Stop: Lesseps !"
Let us evoke this week one of our most illustrious compatriots who lived here in Barcelona, the diplomat and entrepreneur Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805-1894). While many inhabitants of Barcelona may only have a vague idea of the personality of the founder of the Suez Canal enterprise, the Lesseps name is known here to everyone: many have passed through the Plaça Lesseps, served by a metro stop of the same name, and the most Francophiles of course know the prestigious Ecole Française Ferdinand de Lesseps, founded by the former Consul-General of France who had won the hearts of the Barcelonese during the popular uprising of 1842.

In 1849, at the height of his diplomatic career, the emissary had been entrusted with a mission of conciliation between the Republicans in power in Rome and the Vatican. Finally disavowed by Napoleon III, in the tumultuous context of Italy's Wars of Unification, he was accused of collusion with the enemy and called to appear before the Assembly and the Council of State. Ferdinand de Lesseps published several writings in response to these accusations. The last of them was this rare memoir, of which we are pleased to present this remarkable copy, bound at the time in ornamented calf. The book constitutes, to some extent, the diplomatic will of the man who, deeply wounded by the injustice he considered himself a victim of, would put an end to a diplomatic career for which his name is now known to all the Barcelonese.

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20 Jan 2017
From One Inauguration to Another...
As the whole world is watching the ceremony in Washington, D.C., on a day which incidentally is the anniversary of the birth of King Charles III of Spain (January 20, 1716 - December 14, 1788), we have decided to evoke another inauguration.
It is our pleasure to present to you a fine copy of El Triumpho Mayor de Alcides (1760), a work that Grenadian poet Francisco Scotti Fernández de Córdoba (1704-1770) composed for the coronation celebrations of the Spanish monarch, and which was printed by Spanish master typographer Joaquín Ibarra.
Scotti’s work is a theatrical play of classical inspiration, which features such great figures of Greek mythology as Theseus or the Amazons, and which ends in an apotheosis of songs and dances, dedicated to the glory of the king and queen, Marie-Amelie of Saxony. Most interestingly, the introductory loa features allegorical incarnations of virtues such as Loyalty, Justice, Courage, Merit, Liberality, Genius or Goodness.
One can only wish that these virtues also accompany the 45th President of the United States of America, the independance of which was facilitated by the action of Carlos III himself.

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13 Jan 2017
Zola's Campaigns
« J’accuse ! »… Everybody knows about Zola’s famous open letter, which was published in the French daily L’Aurore on January 13th, in 1898...and which is 119 old today.
As we celebrate its anniversary, let us quote the journalist turned novelist, who was always eager to reconcile literature and journalism: « One returns to [the press] as to old loves. It is life, it is action, exhilarating and triumphant. Whenever one leaves it, one can never swear that it will be forever... ».
A reputed writer, Zola would continue to give great importance to the press, by means of which he led his numerous public campaigns.
« Une Campagne » is precisely the title he gave to one of the collections of press articles he published. Dealing wih the current political and literary issues of his time, the articles were originally published in the French daily Le Figaro between 1880 and 1881. The « polemical articles » were published in a single volume in 1882, and we are pleased to present to you an exceptional copy of its first edition, one of the ten copies printed on China paper.

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5 Jan 2017
A king's present
While many here are about celebrate Three Kings, let us remember that not all kings were as benevolent, especially with regards to the object of our passion: the book !
This new year marks the 300 anniversary of the publication of this royal ordinance, with which the prohibition of the printing and sale of books without prior authorization was renewed. As if reading was evil !
Three centuries later, let us hope that the Kings will be more generous to us book lovers of all ages…
The entire Librairie Comellas team wishes you a year full of enlightening reads and freedom !

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25 Nov 2016
A special guest
Of all the treasures that we receive every week, some attract one’s attention at first glance: an elegant vellum binding, a massive title that instantly evokes the famous errings of an ingenious Hidalgo... You do see who I'm talking about, don’t you ?
Our renowned visitor is none other than the 1671 reprint of the first illustrated Spanish edition of Don Quixote ! It contains the same 16 plates usually credited to the Anvers engraver Frederick Bouttats, copied from the plates drawn by Jacques Savary for the very first illustrated edition of Cervantes’s masterpiece, the 1657 Dutch edition. It also displays two completely new frontispieces, engraved by Launers.

Needless to say we’re pampering him !

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10 Nov 2016
Comellas stands out as one of the best bookstores in Barcelona
Among all the unique bookstores in the Catalan capital, Comellas has become a must. Located in the very heart of the city, its shelves display all kinds of rare and ancient books, on a variety of topics and themes. And we are not claiming it, but Jorge Carrión, a Catalan writer and professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona whose words were reported by The Guardian journalist Christian House in an article translated and published in the Buenos Aires daily Clarín .

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26 Jun 2013
Selection 24/06/2013
Like every week the bookstore has published a new selection of books on the Best Deals section. Discounts can go up to 40 % but hurry up, they will only last one week…

- ARNAUD D'ANDILLY (Robert). De Vita Christi Carmen e gallico latine redditum.
- CATALOGO de la Real Armeria, mandado formar por S.M. siendo director general de Reales Caballerizas, Armeria y Yeguada, el Excmo. Señor Don José Maria Marchesi.
- CHEVALIER (Michel). CHEVALIER (Michel).
- ESPIARD (Abbé F.-I. d'). L'Esprit des Nations. Nouvelle édition revue et corrigée.
- FILLEUL DE PETIGNY (Cl.). Voyages en Suisse. Description des Curiosités Naturelles.
- GUICHARD (Jean-François). Fables et autres Poésies suivies de quelques Morceaux de Prose.
- MARTIN (Barthelemy). Traité du Lait et de l'usage qu'on en doit faire et de la manière d'en user.
- MEMOIRE sur les Travaux d'Amélioration exécutés aux Embouchures du Danube par la Commission Européenne instituée en vertu de l'article 16 du Traité de Paris du 30 mars 1856.
- PERINT (C.). Compiègne, la Forêt, et Pierrefonds.
- THIEURY (Jules). Bibliographie Italico-Normande contenant: 1). un essai historique sur les relations entre l'Italie et la Normandie; 2). une Bibliothèque des ouvrages relatifs aux relations des deux pays; 3). une Bibliothèque des Ouvrages relatifs à l'Italie, composés par des auteurs normands.
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18 Jun 2013
Thank-you note to Zanzu Design
From the first draft we received from Zanzu Design Studio some months ago to the present it has been a long while. We have exchanged many hours on the phone, dozens of emails and a long parade of prototype buttons that came and went back and forth. It has been a long way that led us to a website that, preserving the simplicity of the former, intended to integrate many new tools while adding a touch of freshness and closeness.

A month after the launching of the website and with a number of users already seduced by its evolutions we do want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to our designer Irantzu Cordón, for her professionalism, engagement and good humour.

Thank you Irantzu and see you soon.
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