1 Jun 2013
Comellas Book Shop on TV
During the festivity of Saint Jordi the tv show Barcelona Connection from BTV broadcast an interview in Comellas Bookstore.

Journalist Bea Rodriguez talks to Julien Comellas about different aspects of the antiquarian book business while she offers a guided tour around the lovely apartment where the store is located.

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8 May 2013
Something is Moving on Comellas Bookstore
Comellas Bookstore is ready for a makeover. This could make us think that the team is planning to refurbish the lovely apartment the bookstore occupies in the historic centre of Barcelona. But that is not the case. Modernism and art deco lovers should not be afraid: mouldings, floors, arches and ceilings are still intact around our ancient books.

The changes are at work on our website. Keeping the structure and essence of the former site we have pursued a more updated and accessible look. In that sense we have increased the number of images, both of the place and of the team, so that the audience could feel like a real visitor inside the bookstore.

However the changes go further than the mere visual. We must evolve with times and Comellas Bookstore has decided to implement two innovative tools which will make even closer our relationship with our virtual clients. The first one is the possibility to chat online with a member of the team, who will advise and even redirect the client to a given web page to illustrate a particular recommendation. The second is the possibility to examine a book online through a webcam before purchasing it.

Another of the innovations worth highlighting is the start-up of this blog as a means to communicate news and curiosities of bibliophily in general and the life of our bookstore in particular. Each article intends to be only an excuse to foster dialogue through your contributions and comments. We start this project with thrill but we depend upon you if we want it to become really interesting and dynamic. Our address in facebook and twitter complete our presence on social networks. See you there!

To conclude, the last innovation we will point out is the free registration system. The user who registers has unlimited access to all the contents of the website (full descriptions, prices, new acquisitions catalogues in preview, best deals, etc) as well as all the new tools (online chat, webcam service, access to comments on the blog, etc)

So now you know it, if you register under the name of your favourite author this could be the chance for your first comment…
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8 May 2013
The Day of Sant Jordi
On April the 23rd, with spring still fresh on the trees and on the spirit of the people of Barcelona, the city blossomed with roses one more time. But not all the petals were red on the streets. Many of them were sheets of books that once every year leave the confinement of bookstores and see the sun.

Most of them are new releases printed for this special day when people traditionally give books for a present. However in a corner of Rambla de Catalunya a stand full of antiquarian books drew the attention of passers-by, tired of so many new books. For them Comellas Bookstore was an interesting contrast, a relief for eyes and hands that reviewed old covers and faded pages with a sensitivity perhaps strange to them in any other day. More than anything we would like to remark and even thank the interest and curiosity we found on the faces of the youngest ones, those who stopped by to look, touch and even smell some books that we, from the other side of the stand, simply love. Thank you.

We would like to share with you some images of our Day of Sant Jordi

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