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"Pourtraits Divers"

[ 15 Dec 2017 ]
As the finest connoisseurs of the history of French Renaissance engraving will know, there is no "typo" above, but the exact (trait pour trait, if I may say!) title of the fabulous collection of engravings published by the great Lyon printer Jan de Tournes in 1557!

The work of de Tournes' favourite engraver Bernard Solomon (known as "le Petit Bernard"), this amazing book does include portraits, but also scenes of everyday life, of hunting, as well as mythological scenes, allegories, etc.

The copy we present to you today is uncut, and contains 64 plates! (i.e. one plate more than the 63 in the most complete copies recorded).

An exceptional work, from the title to the last page!

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posted by  Benjamin at  11:29