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A unique copy ?

[ 10 Mar 2017 ]
At a time when our every movements are tracked by the biggest computers on the planet and when every one of us is on record, one way or another, we are somehow glad we can present to you a rare bird, a champion of discretion, a phenomenon seemingly unnoticed by the most sophisticated radars, and perhaps even by the passionate bibliophiles you are !

Would you believe that this philosophical work on Physics by Antoine Chamerlat – a professor of philosophy at the Collège de Clermont and a contemporary of Blaise Pascal (whom is referred to in the book) – is not listed in any of the databases and catalogues we have consulted ?! What if its author’s name solely appears in an obscure collection of poems on the Velay region of France ?!

A complete stranger, I tell you ! Even Big Brothers Google and Amazon have never heard of it !

Not even listed by the famous WorldCat, the world's largest bibliographical catalogue !

...Had you ever come across such an obscure celebrity ?

Not in WorldCat
posted by  Benjamin at  15:52